Troubleshooting - Colour space warning

If you are seeing the following error on the upload screen:

This image is not using the recommended sRGB colour space. Please update your export settings and reupload.

This error flags that you are using a colour space which is not currently fully supported by all web browsers. This means that your images, though they will look normal on your machine after export, won't show the correct colours on the web. You should change the export settings in your editing software and export the images again using the sRGB colour space.

Below you can see a comparison of the same photograph exported in two different colour spaces. On the left, the colours of the sRGB image look as they should. If you drag the slider, you can see the difference to the colours on the right which look dull and distorted.

left: sRGB colour space ✅
ProPhoto RGB colour space ⚠️

Setting the colour space

On the export screen of your editing software, select sRGB from the colour space options.