General - Send to account

The Send to account option allows you to copy or move images between different DPG accounts. This can be useful if you're a user of multiple accounts, such as an event and a personal account. Sending images to an account is faster than uploading them and preserves any added information such as keywords.

This option will only show in your sidebar if you are added as a user or admin to more than one account.

Select the images to send to another account. Open the Send to account panel and select the account to send the images to. Click Send.

By default when sending to an account images are copied across. A copy of the file is created in the chosen account and the original remains in the original account. You can choose to move the images instead by selecting Move under Advanced Options, see below.

Advanced options: Method

Copy - A copy of the selected images is made in the chosen account. Selected images stay in the original account.

Move - The selected images are moved from the original account into the chosen account. Selected images are deleted from the original account.