Keywords - Dynamic keywords

When added to an image, dynamic keywords automatically replace the generic part of a keyword with the actual value pulled from the metadata. This allows you to easily add keywords for the creator of the image, the day of the week and the year that it was taken.

This is useful for keywords pages - such as a weekend-long event with keywords for each day, or simply to help you organise an account with a lot of content by its creator.

Adding dynamic keywords

You can use dynamic keywords anywhere that you use a normal keyword. You can also insert multiple dynamic keywords separated by a comma.

Supported keywords

The following can be used as dynamic keywords:

  • <% Creator %>
  • <% Day %>
  • <% Year %>

Namespaced dynamic keywords

Dynamic keywords can be used alone and as part of a namespaced keyword.

When used alone the <% Day %> keyword will add the single day keyword.

Used with the day: prefix, day:<% Day %> will add the day of the image as a namespaced keyword.