Dedicated Shop - Early Release

🗓 Last updated: 4th June 2021

About Dedicated Shop

Dedicated Shop is our first template built for ecommerce websites. With this template we have expanded on existing DPG features with a major reworking of Sales and the introduction of a full checkout, Stripe integration, full support for shipping, taxes, discount codes, inventory tracking and much more.

We've made this template with years of knowledge and experience of the kinds of shops DPG users make and the features you've requested along the way. We really hope you'll love the new shop features.

About Early Release

As with all new templates and features, we've done extensive internal testing to make sure that things run as smoothly as possible. We've spent months fixing bugs, building test sites and making improvements to features. But there is a limit to what we can test without the template being used in the wild. We now need to see the template in real life scenarios, used by real users selling real products.

We are much further along in the testing process than a beta release, which is why we made the decision to call this Early Release.

The template is currently stable, fully functional and ready for users to make public sites. There should be no major issues, but there may be some bugs or unforeseen behaviour.

Based on feedback immediately following the Early Release period, there may be changes to some functions or the appearance of elements. There may be bug fixes that require you to rebuild your site from an updated version of the template. As websites are separate to products, this should be a simple process of rebuilding the website and cloning the sets structure across. Any changes to the design and theme may need to be made again. We're happy to help you migrate content across if necessary.

Feedback and support

We can't wait to see what you create with Dedicated Shop. If you have any feature requests, suggestions or general feedback - please get in touch.

We are working as fast as we can on guides and support articles for this template and we're always happy to answer any questions, talk you through things, make a video or even hop into your account and take a look over your progress (if you want us to!).

Contact us at any time - we're here to help.

Get started

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