Notifications - Slack


An example of the DPG Slack integration showing website downloads in real-time.

Digital Photo Gallery integrates deeply with Slack, this functionality is especially useful if you are running a shared site with many photographers.

You can create a Slack account here and receive $100.00 in free credit to get you started.

Integrating your DPG account with Slack will allow you and your team to receive notifications for:

  • Reports of all user activity, for example - uploads, adding keywords, deleting images.
  • Real-time download alerts, to track exactly who is downloading your images.
  • Press Site sign ups.

Slack works best when used with their mobile and desktop apps which you can download here.


Follow these steps to add a Slack Webhook to DPG.

If you'd like to add a DPG icon to the integration in Slack you can download this file:

Create a channel in Slack for DPG notifications.

Add an Incoming Webhook in Slack.

Create a new account contact in DPG Accounts.

Add the Slack Webhook URL and configure the events you would like to be notified of.

If you are working with a team the DPG channel will generate a lot of notifications, we recommend that you mute the channel in Slack and check it manually when you'd like to see what's been going on.