Shipping - Overview

You can add shipping to your DPG shop by creating shipping rules.

A shipping rule is made up of conditions that you define alongside the shipping cost. When these conditions are met by an order from your shop, the shipping cost will be added to the total.

You can create multiple shipping rules to allow for conditions like the shipping country, total order value and number of items purchased. The rules-based system means that you can create simple shipping rules to cover shipping costs with a flat fee, or define individual countries and set complex rules covering very specific shipping scenarios. The specificity of your shipping rules is completely up to you.

Shipping is applied to an entire order not to individual items.

Shipping rule collections

If you have multiple shops in your account and wish to set different shipping rules for each one, you can create shipping rule collections. This allows you to group shipping rules together and apply your chosen collection to each website.

Permitted countries

By default, your shop will accept customers from all countries worldwide. If you wish to only ship to selected countries, you can create a list of permitted countries and add your chosen countries to it. Customers outside of those countries will not be able to check out their order.