Email - Issues since 2022 with Google Workspace's (formerly G Suite)

Some very early DPG users may have been caught out by Google's recent decision to start charging for Google Workspace.

If you ignored their emails, you may now need to login to using your admin email address to recover the account.

Please watch the movie above for more details.

The email you first received would look like this:

Email Details


You have two users, an admin and your normal account

User account information for admin:
• Your username is admin and your temporary password is NCwzHJe3Dy8BxrqA
• Your new email address is

User account information for standard:
• Your username is info and your temporary password is 466C68
• Your new email address is

When you first login to both you will be asked to change your password.
Make sure you keep a note of what you changed it to as only Google can
help if you get locked out!

This will work for your iPhone, just add as a normal Gmail Account.

If you are setting up your accounts with any software I'd recommend you
use IMAP rather than POP email as it syncs better.

All mail sent to will all go to unless you explicitly setup another user using the
admin account.

You can also use the following services:

Let me know that all works!

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