Managing Websites - Using redirects

A redirect is a way to send visitors to a different URL from the one they originally requested. For example, you may want to redirect from the main gallery page to the current day's content during a weekend-long festival and to a Highlights page once the event is over.

This option requires you to be in edit mode Advanced, learn more about edit modes here.

Adding a redirect

Go to the website requiring the redirect and open the Redirects panel in the sidebar. Enter the URL that you want to redirect From and To.

If you're redirecting within the same website, you only need to add the last part of the domain, for example to redirect from the main homepage to the Days page you should enter from: / to: /2017/days/

Then click the Add button. Once your redirect is added, make sure to visit the website to verify that it redirects as expected.

You can create several redirects ahead of time and remove them at your convenience. If the redirects are going from the same URL, only the first in the list will be active at any one time.

Removing a redirect

Delete a redirect by clicking on the X icon next to it.

Importing redirects

To import a redirect, use the drop down menu to change the Update Method to Import. Select a file to import (see below for a sample file) and click the Add button.

Sample redirects

This is a sample set of redirects which you can download and import:

Once imported this file will add the following redirects:

  • From / To /2017/gallery/?image_keywords=day:Thursday
  • From / To /2017/gallery/?image_keywords=day:Friday
  • From / To /2017/gallery/?image_keywords=day:Saturday
  • From / To /2017/gallery/?image_keywords=day:Sunday
  • From / To /2017/gallery/?image_keywords=highlights:2017

Exporting redirects

You can export a set of redirects to use again by clicking the Export button. Import this file as necessary.