Advanced - Tax Collections

Advanced Sales features are available for account plan Advanced and above.

If you have more than one shop website in your account and wish to have different sets of tax rules for each, you can create Tax Collections. Each collection can contain your chosen tax rules and you can select which collection should be used for each website.

Enabling Tax Collections

From the Dashboard go to Settings.

In Settings choose the Sales tab where you will see the advanced sales options.

Toggle the Taxes Collections switch to the on position and click Update.

Creating Tax Collections

Go to Sales from the Dashboard or the main menu.

Go to Taxes > Manage Collections and click the Create button. Give your collection a name and click Create.

Once the collection is created, you will see it as a new tab under the Taxes tab.

You can see that the original Tax Rules tab is now called Collection [Default] and the new collection tab appears with your chosen name.

You can now create tax rules in this collection as normal.

You can create additional tax collections following the method above if necessary.

Connecting to a website

Once you've added tax rules to your collection, you need to link it to your website.

From the website screen go to the Sales tab. Select your tax rule collection from the menu and click Save.

This website will now use the selected tax rules at checkout.