Posts - Adding images to a blog post

When you set up a DPG blog, a corresponding blog set will automatically be created in your sets. This is where you need to add the images or videos that you want to use in your blog posts.

1. Add images to the blog set

Select your chosen images. Open the Add to set panel, select you blog set and click Add. Wait for the images to be added to the blog set.

This may take a few minutes if adding a lot of images as the blog versions are created at this time. You'll see the action progress in the top right corner and you can leave this screen while it finishes.

2. Add images to a post

Once your images are in the blog set, navigate to the blog from the main menu. Create or edit a blog post. In the blog editor click on the Insert media icon. Select the image(s) from the pop up window and click *Insert.

You can now continue editing your blog post, save or publish.

Creating a new post from images [legacy]

This is an older way to create a blog post. We suggest switching to the above method instead.

Select your chosen images and add to the blog set. Once that operation is complete, go to the blog set.

Select the images, open the Create blog post panel and click Create. This will create a new blog post from the images that you can now add text and other information.