Essential Portfolio - Using the lightbox

The lightbox is a single media style where the image pops over the index view rather than loading as a separate page. It's a great option for a focused single item view which doesn't need much additional context or information, presenting the image without distractions.

In this article:

Both the lightbox styles can use keyboard arrow navigation to quickly navigate through images, as shown in the videos below (the arrows show keyboard actions and are not visible on the site).

Frame lightbox shows image information such as title and description. It also shows a counter of the number of images in the set, image navigation and an icon to enable fullscreen view.

Minimal lightbox simply shows the image and ✕ icon to close the lightbox.

Enabling lightbox view

From the website screen, enter the Design section by clicking Edit Design and navigate to the gallery page. With the gallery page in the preview window, go to Page and Media in the side panel. Toggle the Lightbox switch to the on position and click Save. The images will now pop up in lightbox view from the index of the gallery.

Choosing lightbox style

To choose a different lightbox style go to Page > Page tabs. You'll see an option for Lightbox Style. Choose a style and click Save. This will set the lightbox style.

Editing the style

You can further customise each of the lightbox styles.

Open an image in lightbox view in the preview window. Select the Style tab then go to the Galleries tab. Here you will find the lightbox design options such as colours, sizes and typography. Any changes you make will be reflected in the preview window. When you're happy with your changes, click the Save button.