Series 3 Blogs - Featured posts

Series 3 blogs allow you to mark posts as featured posts. Featured posts appear as a banner at the top of the blog and multiple posts become a post carousel. Carousels can be set to autoplay, so that after a set amount of time the carousel moves on to the next post.

The appearance of the featured post is controlled by and designed to suit the index page layout.

This feature is new for Series 3 blog websites. If added, featured posts will not be visible on older blog websites.

Making a featured post

In the Blogs section, navigate to your chosen blog post. In the Options panel, switch the Featured toggle to the on position and click Save.

Marking the post as featured will reload the page, so make sure your blog content is saved in the post editor.

The post will now appear as a featured post on the Dedicated Blog website linked to this blog.

Add multiple featured posts to make a carousel. The order of the posts in the carousel is organised by date, with the newest post first.

In the website's Design section go to the Page, then Blog tab. Switch the Autoplay Featured Posts Carousel toggle to the on position and Save. You can control the speed of the carousel by choosing the time in seconds from the dropdown menu.