Keywords - Keyword cover images

The cover image is the thumbnail which shows for each namespace keyword and makes up the keywords page.

By default the keyword cover image will be the one with the highest star rating. If more than one image shares a 5 star rating, the cover will be rotated at random.

Setting cover image rating

The easiest way to control the cover image is with the star rating.

Navigate to your chosen keyword from the Gallery set, select an image and rate it 5. This will set the image as the cover for this keyword.

Photographers may use image ratings in their editing process and these ratings are imported on upload. To override this, you can set a default rating in the settings.

Setting cover image manually

If you require more precise control over the cover image, you can set it manually for each keyword within a set.

Navigate to your chosen keyword from the Gallery set, open the Keyword profile panel and drag an image onto the keyword profile thumbnail.

As the cover image is saved on a set basis, you will need to repeat this for both the Public and Press sites where relevant.