Essential Portfolio - Configuring the Splash page

The Splash page is the default landing page on an Essential Portfolio website.

In this article:

Adding images

On the website screen, you'll see a Splash set. Add images to this set to see them on the Splash page.

Adding multiple images will automatically create a slideshow. The order of the images in the set will determine the order of the slideshow, so arrange the set accordingly.

You can edit all of the elements on the Splash page. By default, the Splash links to the Gallery page at /gallery/. You may need to change the link location if you don't use the default Gallery page or rename it.

From the Website screen, got to Pages and Standard. Click the Edit button to enter the Splash page settings.

Click the Content tab. Here you can find all of the visible information on the Splash page - Header, Media and Links.

Click Header. In the Link text box you can change the path of the header link on the splash page. Change the path and any other information and click Update.

By default the Splash has an Enter link which is linked to the Gallery page. You can edit this link, add additional links, or remove it entirely.

Under the Links tab you can see the default link. You can edit the text and path of this link. Click Edit to change the link text and path and click OK to save.

You can add additional links by clicking the Create button. Choose Page from the dropdown to choose another page to link to, or Standard to enter an external link. Click OK to save. You'll now see the new link on the Splash page.

To remove a link click the ✕ icon.

Renaming Splash title

You can change the default name of the Splash page to something of your choosing.

On the Splash page click the Details tab. Find the text box named Page title. Edit this text and click Update.

This title shows at the top of the browser window or tab when your site is visited.

Editing the design

To change the colours, sizes and typography of the Splash page go to Style > Splash. Any changes made in the side panel will show in the preview window. Click Save to save changes.

Slideshow settings

Go to Page > Slideshow to control the slideshow settings. Here you can change the Animation Style and all the slideshow timings.

Animation Style - choose the style of animation used as the slideshow moves from one image to the next.

Animation Delay - this is the amount of time each image is shown before the animation begins to move to the next image.

Animation Duration - this is the length of time the animation takes to go from one image to the next.

Initial Delay - this is an extra length of time the first image is shown before the slideshow begins, which allows you to compensate for the page loading time.

Background colour - you can choose to use the average colour of each image, or one solid background colour for the slideshow.

By default a slideshow will loop indefinitely. The Loops setting allows you to switch it to play through only once then automatically load another page.

To play your slideshow once set the Loops option to Play once and enter a Destination such as /gallery/.

Go to Page > Selected Item to select the Crop Focus Area. This allows you to choose which part of the image is prioritised if the image is cropped.