Stripe - Testing Stripe

Stripe is an external service outside of DPG and additional fees may apply.

Before launching your shop, you should test it to make sure that everything is set up correctly. When using Stripe as the payment provider, you can switch your shop to a test mode Stripe account and use fake card numbers to make test sales in your shop. This allows you to test the entire process of checkout - including shipping, discounts and payment exactly as it will be experienced by customers - without incurring real charges.

Connecting Stripe account in test mode

To link Stripe to your DPG account, you must first sign up with Stripe or have an existing account.

Stripe allows you to use your account in test mode and live mode. When in test mode, payments are not processed and only the provided test payment information can be used to check out orders.

DPG enables you to connect both test and live accounts and switch between them easily.

From your Dashboard go to Services.

Go to the Stripe and the Add tab.

You'll see the Mode dropdown where you can choose between Live or Test mode. Choose Test mode and click the Connect with Stripe button.

After testing in Test mode, you will need to add an account in Live mode and switch your site to using the live account before launching your shop. Customers won't be able to pay for their orders while your site is in test mode.

Follow the instructions to connect your Stripe account. Once this is completed, you'll be redirected back to DPG.

You'll see the tab shows [test] to indicate that this is a test account.

You are now able to select this account to use for testing of your shop website.

Testing shop payments

From the website screen, go to the Sales tab. Select the test account from the Stripe account dropdown menu. Click Save.

Now that the testing account has been selected, you can test your shop website.

It's a good idea to use the testing URL while testing your shop to avoid any cache issues.

Visit your website. Add some items to your cart and continue to the checkout.

Complete the information at checkout, selecting Stripe as the payment method if prompted to choose. Review your order and Proceed to payment.

You will now see the Stripe payment screen. If you've configured your test account correctly, you should see that it is in Test Mode

Stripe provide a variety of card numbers you can use for testing:

You can enter these card details on the test mode payment screen to complete the checkout process.

Your account must be in test mode when using test card details. Using test card details in live mode will result in a rejected order.

Once payment is completed, you'll be directed back to your shop and a "Thank you for your order" page will display. You will also receive an order confirmation email.

Completed test orders

Test orders appear in Sales > Orders. Click Manage to view each order in detail.

Test mode orders are labeled with the test flag.

Once testing is complete, you can Archive or Delete any order using the panels in the sidebar.

Switching to live Stripe account

Once you've completed testing, make sure that you replace the testing account with one in live mode before you launch your shop. Go to Sales > Options from the website screen and choose your live account.