Security - Access key

If you'd like to protect a website that you've made you can use the access key panel.

The access key is great when developing websites because it means you can set an access key, once you've visited the site once using that key you'll be able to see and manipulate the site, but anyone who hasn't won't be able to.

It means you can develop while your URL is live or you can develop and give the key to a select few testers or clients without everyone else being able to see.

To make it work all you need to do is tick the protect box in the access key panel. Once I've done that there is an access key and an unlock URL which also contains the access key.

If you visit the site you can enter the access key or you can give the link to someone and they will click it and they will never even know they needed a key.

The first time that you visit a site the key will be stored as a cookie in the browser so at any time that you return to the site proving the key hasn't change you be able to see the site content.