Legacy: Series 1 and 2 Sales - Overview & Demos

The following article is outdated. Websites created before 8th June 2021 may not have our latest sales features. Follow the Dedicated Shop Guide to get started with our improved ecommerce template or if you need help with sales on an older site email support@digitalphotogallery.com for help.

DPG integrates with PayPal to allow you to sell products or services directly from your site.

Sales features are available in the following templates:

Series 3:

  • Essential Portfolio (this is our recommended choice if you're creating a new shop).

Series 2:

  • Classic Masonry
  • Flexible Side Scroll
  • Modern Narrative

You can create a sales page as part of your existing site, or as a standalone shop site.

How it works

A sales page allows sets and images contained within it to have a product attached to them. Each item can have multiple products attached to give visitors buying options, such as different dimensions or colours.

After adding items to the cart, visitors can check out their purchases via PayPal's secure interface. Orders will then appear in your DPG admin.

Costs and Fees

The sales features in DPG are included as part of all our paid plans. We do not charge any additional setup, monthly or per-transaction fees.

PayPal fees are charged as applicable and depend on things like your country of residence, sales volume and type of PayPal account. Please consult PayPal for more information.

Sales demo sites

Classic Masonry Template, Sidebar

Live Demo

Classic Masonry Template, Top Bar

Live Demo

Flexible Side Scroll Template

Live Demo

Modern Narrative Template

Live Demo