Image versions - Overview

Image profiles or 'versions' are an important part of DPG. A full set of image versions is generated automatically when you create a website. If you want exact control over the way that your images are displayed, you can you can optionally edit these image profiles to get the result that you want.

When updating image versions for a website, most sites will contain profiles in sets of two - one for retina screens (@2x) and one for non-retina screens. Make sure that any relevant changes are reflected in both profiles.

Unsharp mask

Enables use of sharpening options below. If switched off no sharpening will be used.


Sharpening 0.1
Sharpening 1.0

The above tool shows you the two extremes of the sharpening settings, you can adjust to find the one that works best for your images.


When the progressive option is enabled JPEG images will load in stages, which may make them appear to load faster on slow connections.

Write metadata

The Write metadata option allows you to encode metadata into the image version.