Modern Narrative - Instagram integration

Visit and log in with your existing Instagram account details.

Create a new client by clicking on Manage Clients and Register a new Client.

Enter details as per the screenshot, but using your own domain details.

Once created, click on Manage.

Copy your Client ID.

Paste your Client ID into the Client ID field in DPG and click Update.

Copy the code below and replace the XXX after cliend_id with your Client ID. Replace the redirect_uri with the exact domain address that you entered into your app.

Paste the edited string into your browser's address bar and press enter.

If you see any messages about implicit OAuth you can untick the checkbox in your Instagram settings and try again.

If things are going well, you'll see this message. Click Authorise.

Once the page loads, you'll see the URL will look like this:

Copy the access token from that URL and paste it into the relevant field in DPG.

Finally do the same thing with the following URL, replacing your username and access token with the ones you just created.

This will give you your user ID which you can paste into DPG.

With this information entered correctly, Instagram integration should now work on your site.