Dedicated Blog - Template overview

Dedicated Blog is a standalone template optimised for blogging. It allows you to choose from a number of different layouts and settings to effortlessly set up a blog tailored to your unique content.

Same content, endless different styles - easy to change and completely configurable with countless different combinations, it has different index view layouts, headers and footers to instantly change the appearance.

If you want to customise further, it’s easy to experiment with fonts and colours. Choose how your content should be displayed, from the visible information, to the aspect ratio of a banner or the focus of a crop.

Also new to this template and to DPG blogs, post templates give you new ways to format your content and create beautiful blog posts using full-width images, columns, pull quotes and more. Featured posts, related posts and post navigation let your readers discover more of your content.

Dedicated Blog is a standalone template, so can be used alongside other DPG websites such as portfolios built with a different template. You can start fresh with a new blog, or connect an existing DPG blog for a seamless upgrade.

This template must be created as a website hosted on a top domain or a subdomain e.g. It cannot be created as a page on an existing website e.g. Please contact us if you need help.


Index View is perfect for image-heavy blogs. There are six different index layouts to choose from and you can switch between them any time. Use subtitles, keywords and categories to provide more information, or go bold with full-width images and large title text.

Post Templates are a new way of arranging blog content within the blog post editor. As well as standard column-width blog images, you can now add special formatting and content templates. This includes full page width images, side by side images, two or three small images in a row, as well as text options like columns and large pull quotes. Post templates are easy to add in the visual editor and work in both individual and stream view.

Featured Posts allow you to highlight your best content at the top of the blog. This can be a single post banner, or multiple posts as a static or automatic carousel.

Add Related Posts to help visitors discover more of your content and Post Navigation to navigate between posts in post view.

Blog Widgets help visitors discover more via search, archives, categories and keywords.

Each element of the template's layout and design has been designed to work across all modern devices, so that your content is as beautiful and easy to browse on small mobile devices.

Series 3 Features:

As a series 3 template, Dedicated Blog introduces new Headers and Footers which will be expanded on with further template releases. These enable you to easily switch between different styles, and mix and match different headers with blog index layouts.

Headers include Hamburger Menus with overlay and sidebar panel navigation, as well as top bar navigation with scroll states to get out of the way of your content on scroll.

Overlay menus that work with the Hamburger menu header give you the flexibility to choose from different types of overlay navigation, from sidebar panel, to fullscreen overlay. Add social icons, contact details or images.