Checkout - Disabling checkout

Series 3 shops can function without the checkout page if necessary. When checkout is turned off, the cart takes customers directly to the payment service provider screen to pay. After payment, customers will receive an order confirmation email and be returned to your shop.

Checkout features such as discount codes, shipping options and taxes are not available to customers when checkout is disabled. We suggest using the default checkout unless you have a special reason to disable it.

Disabling checkout page

From your website screen, click the Sales tab. Under Options you'll see a toggle titled Use checkout page. Switch the toggle to the off position and click Save.

Appearance of cart without checkout

With checkout disabled, the cart button leads directly to the payment service provider.
From the cart the customer will be passed directly to the payment screen of PayPal or Stripe.

If both PayPal and Stripe are enabled for the shop, the customer can choose which payment provider to use directly inside the cart.