Users - Overview


DPG accounts feature support for multiple users. This is perfect for working in teams on collaborative galleries or inviting other more experienced users to help you set up your account.

Adding users who have a DPG account

To add a user, click on the Users tab and enter the login of the users that you would like to add to the account.

Invite people who don't have a DPG account

It's also possible to invite non-DPG users to the account using the Invite tab and entering their email address.


You can choose a role for each person on the account.

The default role is user which means that the user can only see images which they have uploaded to the system.

The admin role gives users full control over all aspects of the account.


Once a user has been added you can configure the permissions that they have by clicking on the edit permissions button.

Transfer control to another user

To transfer control of the account to another user use the transfer section.