Images - Emergency Image Recovery

Images or videos that have been permanently deleted from Digital Photo Gallery can not be restored into the DPG admin interface.

However, as we keep regular scheduled offsite backups of the unstructured image and video data it may be possible to restore deleted files in some situations.

This should be seen as a last resort in the event of accidental deletion of images in your account, or loss of downloaded backup archives. For example, if an account owner has downloaded all of their images using the archive feature, requested and executed an account deletion, and subsequently experienced hard drive failure or other data loss. In this type of catastrophic event, you can request an emergency retrieval of data from us and it may be possible to recover your image files.

Data is stored in deep archive storage and restoring it is a fully manual process.

If you think you need to restore deleted images, please contact us at with as much information about your account and situation as possible. We will need to know the last date that your account and data were in good standing so that we can search through the archives and find the closest backup to that date. If a backup of your data is available, we'll let you know and you can decide if you want to proceed with the recovery.

If your account has been deleted we will need to do manual checks to verify your identity and confirm previous ownership of the deleted account.

Do not use this feature as a backup. Always back up your work securely in multiple places.

We can not guarantee that any or all of your data will be recovered. The backup may have expired or the snapshot period may not match the time that your images were present in the system.

Recovered Files

If recovery is successful you will receive an archive file containing all the unstructured data we are able to access. This will include the original image versions uploaded to the system, as well as any image versions that were created for use within the DPG Admin or DPG websites.

An example of a recovered data archive, showing the original image files and various image versions.

It is not possible to recover any image information added in DPG such as titles, descriptions or keywords. Files are not structured in folders by sets or websites, all that you will receive are the image files.


As it is a labour-intensive and fully manual process we charge a fee of £150 for a Emergency Image Recovery. This will be invoiced only when we have confirmed that a backup exists. Once payment has been received, we will begin the recovery process.

Time to complete image recovery can depend on several factors such as the age of the backup and the number of images. We'll do our best to give you a personalised estimate before we begin.