Press Site - Custom download versions

Press sites include some download image profiles by default.

You can add as many additional profiles as you like, with different aspect ratio crops, image dimensions or other properties.

It's a good idea to create your image profiles before the event begins, as doing so once images are already uploaded and added to the set can take a long time.

Creating a new profile

Before creating a new profile, you need to find the unique ID for the correct gallery page. In this example, we're adding a new profile to the 2018 gallery.

From Pages click to Edit the 2018 Gallery page. Select the Content tab and you will see the Unique ID.

Copy this or write it down, you'll need it when creating your new download profile.

Now go to the gallery set for this page and open the Image profiles panel.

Give your new profile a name and choose your desired settings, such as aspect ratio, dimensions and quality. Under Advanced Options enter the Unique ID you copied earlier and click Create.

Finally, you need to add the new profile to the image component. Go to the gallery page and click Edit. Under the Content tab, scroll down to Downloads and enter the name of the profile you created in both the Versions fields.

If everything is entered correctly, you'll see your new download version on the site.