Dedicated Shop - Sales Page - Overview design

The Overview is a sales page view which shows multiple products alongside their product information and prices. Each product on the page is its own set with an attached product. The Overview is what your sales page will automatically look like if you make product sets inside the sales page set.

Theme styling

As the Overview shows multiple products at once it's designed to be simple and elegant for customers to use. There are some options you can adjust in the Style tab to customise elements such as the number of columns, maximum width and padding.

While viewing the Overview page in the preview window, go to Style > Sales to see Overview | Page options.

Also in Style > Sales you'll find extensive options for typography, colours and other Overview elements.

Overview display type

Display style summary shows product image, name and price. The product name and image click through to the product view.

Display style product shows product image, name, option, price, status. The product can be added to the cart from this view, as well as clicking through to product view.

Toggling display type

From the website screen go to the Pages tab. Locate your shop page and click the Edit button. Under the Content tab you'll see a number of options. Select the Display type dropdown to summary or product and click Update.