Sets - Cloning sets

If you've created a new website and want to migrate your previous site's content, or otherwise wish to duplicate the set structure in another set, you can use the Clone Set option.

Make sure that you've created the destination set - where you want to clone your content - before starting the clone process.

Navigate to the set which houses the content you want to clone. Using the clone feature will copy everything in the set, including sets nested within it.

In this example, we'll be cloning the entire Prints set from a portfolio site, to a shop site. The three sets inside Prints and the images inside them will be cloned.

Choose the destination set

Once you're inside the set you want to duplicate, open the Clone panel and choose the Target Set. This is the destination set where your content will be copied to. Click Clone.

You will see a progress bar appear. While the clone operation is running, you can leave this window, but do not perform any other actions in your account until it is complete.

In large sets this process may take a long time, so please be patient. Wait for the process to be complete before doing anything else.

Check the destination set

Once the clone operation is done, check the destination where you'll see your newly cloned content.

Cloning a set only copies its content to another location. The original set will not be moved or deleted.