Navigation - Controlling navigation items

Navigation items are separate from pages. This is because a navigation item can point at either an internal page on your site or an external site like a Tumblr blog.

Creating a new item

Click Create and enter the name (this will be what shows on your site) and URL. If you're adding a link to an existing DPG page, you only need to put in the path, which is the last part of the URL such as /gallery/.

When you create a page in DPG it will automatically be added to the navigation, unless you choose otherwise in Advanced Options on the new page dialog. When you delete a page it will also remove navigation items which point to it.

When creating links to external sites you should always include the http:// or https:// prefix. For internal links always point to just the part after the domain for example /gallery/.

Rearranging items

Deleting an item