Downloads - Downloading large image archives

DPG is capable of generating very large ZIP archives and many users utilise this feature to deliver work to clients, send files to team members after a shoot, or download a backup of their work.

When it comes to downloading these very large files to their machine, users can have issues completing the download in full or unzipping it successfully. There are a number of reasons this can happen, but two common issues include:

  • a brief interruption in your internet connection can stop the file from completing the download in full.
  • inadequate software is not capable enough to unzip the archive.

Download Managers

When downloading a large ZIP file, we strongly recommend using a download manager which can resume downloads on a bad connection and ensure your file downloads correctly.

For Mac OS we recommend Download Shuttle.


When unzipping large files a great piece of software is a must. We recommend The Unarchiver for Mac OS and 7-Zip for Windows.