Hosts - Host types

Testing Host

Testing hosts look like this:


A testing host is used for previewing and updating your Digital Photo Gallery site. You can add as many testing hosts as you like, although you should only need one. You can add and remove testing hosts at any time.

Testing hosts are updated instantly, so use them when you are updating images or other content on your site.

DPG has two types of testing host. The standard type is a address, this is the default and uses a HTTP connection. The second type is which is a secure HTTPS version. If you choose to use the secure version, you’ll need to make sure that all content on your site is served via a HTTPS connection. For all DPG content this is done automatically when you create a secure site, but you should also ensure all external assets (such as any images, videos or scripts that you have added) are also secure, otherwise they may not load in all browsers. If you are not sure stick with the address.

Testing hosts are not indexed by search engines and are slower than public hosts so you should never use them for a public site.

Public Host

Before you launch your site you should always add a public host. It is indexed by search engines and content served from a public host loads faster in browsers than from a testing host.

Public hosts use our advanced caching system so there may be a slight delay when updating content, which is why you should always use a testing host to view your site changes.

Public hosts look like this:


If you own a domain name you can read more about adding it to DPG here.

If you don’t own a domain and don’t want to buy one or you just want the fastest possible way of creating an address for your public site, then you can use our free service. To add a domain all you need to do is add a new host using the interface:

Adding a address

Our addresses are secure by default, so you’ll also need to make sure that any content you add from external sources is served via a HTTPS connection.

You should only ever add one public address to a site. Adding more than one may cause search engines to think that you are trying to duplicate content.

If you have two domains that you wish to use on one site, always make one the primary name and then set up the other to redirect to the primary. The redirect is usually best done through your domain provider.