DNS Records - Overview

Adding the domain to DPG

To add your own domain name to your Digital Photo Gallery website:

  1. Click on the Hosts tab.
  2. In the first box enter the subdomain usually www and in the second box your domain.

To configure most domains you will need use your domain registrar's control panel to create/edit three DNS records.

Once the name has been added you'll be able to see the status in the form of the icon next to the domain. Click on the status icon to see the records required to make your website live.

These records need to be entered into the control panel for your domain registrar.

Details for admin

If you need to contact your domain's administrator to make changes to the DNS records, you can copy the text with the relevant details under the Details For Admin tab to send as an email.

DPG checks periodically to make sure that the domain values are correct.

It may take a few hours for the changes to come into effect.

If you don't feel confident configuring your domain name contact support@digitalphotogallery.com and we'll help you through the process.