Licensors - Overview

With the Licensors and Rights features, DPG allows you to attach additional license information to your images.

While standard copyright and usage terms information should go in the metadata fields, the Licensors panel allows you to add any extra parties that license images on your behalf and their contact details. This is useful if your images are syndicated or licensed by a picture agency.

This feature is available for all plans from the Advanced plan and up.

Creating a licensor

Go to the Upload screen and open the Licensor panel. To create a new entry select new, fill in the applicable information fields and click Create.

You can add as many different licensors as you need by selecting new from the dropdown.

To edit or delete a licensor, select it from the dropdown menu.

Adding licensor to an image

Navigate to the relevant image. Open the Rights panel and select your licensor from the dropdown. Click Add.

Once you've added the licensor you will see it linked in the Rights panel.

To remove a licensor from an image, click the X icon next to its name.