General - Overview

There are two different ways that you can use video on DPG websites - native video and video from external services.

Native video

Native video means that videos are uploaded directly to DPG, just like any image file. You can upload videos to your account from the Upload screen, add information, keywords and add videos to sets as normal.

Videos uploaded natively can be displayed on DPG sites just like images. This means that native videos and images can appear together in the same gallery sets and are treated the same by template page designs. Native video is ideal for short looping videos and videos without audio, as they can autoplay to visitors when they load a page.

Video playback on any website in your account is part of that account’s bandwidth allowance. Large video files can quickly drive up your bandwidth usage if your site is heavily trafficked. In this situation, it may be a better option to use an external service to embed your videos instead.

Video From External Services

You can embed videos from external services such as YouTube and Vimeo to your DPG site. This is a great option for videos that are already uploaded to these platforms, as they can easily lead your visitors to the context of the video - such as comments, recommended videos and playlists. Visitors can also use features they are familiar with, such as saving videos for later.

External videos are imported into your DPG account and stored within a special video set, but don’t contribute to your account’s storage or bandwidth allowance. For this reason, external video is recommended for longer videos and large video file sizes.

Templates have special external video pages, which display videos as galleries. The appearance of the gallery can be customised in the Design section.