Series 3 Blogs - Using post templates

Post templates allow you to create posts with special formatting and layouts in Series 3 blogs. This includes full-width images, side by side images, two or three small images in a row, as well as text options like columns and large pull quotes.

Post templates are optimised for Series 3 blogs. Sites with blogs made prior to this may not display template blocks correctly. Make sure that you have tested the appearance of your blog on the web before publishing if using post templates on older blogs.


Turning on post templates

Before using post templates for the first time, you need to enable them in settings. Follow the instructions here.

Inserting a post template

Once you have turned on the post templates option in settings, you'll see the post template icon in the blog editor.

Click the icon to select one of the post template blocks from the drop down. This will insert a coloured placeholder block for media or stock text, which you can then replace with your own content.

Click on the coloured block to select it, then click the Insert media icon to choose your image or video.

When inserting media, you should select each block and insert a single item to fill it. Selecting multiple items will not work correctly when replacing blocks in post templates.

Your content will maintain its aspect ratio, so if your photos are free-cropped then they may not match up neatly.

Creating layouts with post templates

When using post templates you can work one by one, or use different blocks to work out a layout before inserting your content.

This video shows how you can use post templates to build a rough layout of the post without content. Select different blocks to build your post. You can save the post and preview it on your blog with the placeholders.

Once you're happy with how your blog post is coming together, you can select each placeholder and replace it with your own content. Don't worry if you need to make changes, you can always add or delete post template blocks.

Click Save and preview the post to see it on the web.

When your post is done, you just need to click the Publish button.

Deleting a post template

To delete a block, click on it to select it and use the backspace or delete key on your keyboard.

Make sure that you delete the entire contents of a block, such as all three images in a 3 block. Partially deleting a block may cause the formatting to display incorrectly for the content that follows.