Troubleshooting - Image metadata issues

If you are seeing an upload error such as:

Your editing software is removing important Metadata, update your export settings and reupload.

then your image is missing its metadata. Metadata is used in a variety of ways in DPG, one of which is the date and time the image was captured. This allows images to be sorted into the correct order, so it's important that it isn't stripped on export.

If you are getting this error, export your images with the metadata included and try uploading them again.

Exporting with metadata in Adobe Photoshop

In Photoshop this should be as simple as using the File > Save As command.

Avoid using commands such as Save for Web in Photoshop, as this will strip all metadata.

Exporting with metadata in Adobe Lightroom

When exporting in Lightroom, make sure that your export preferences are set to All Metadata.