Terms - Cookie Policy

Digital Photo Gallery uses Google Analytics and Woopra to help us track how you are using the system and diagnose potential problems. The use of these services is purely to help improve the working of the system.

Do Not Track

Digital Photo Gallery fully supports Do Not Track technology http://donottrack.us/ which means if you are not happy about the usage of Google Analytics or Woopra you can easily opt-out at any time, below is an overview of how Do Not Track works.

For more information on how to enable the Do Not Track feature in your browser visit http://donottrack.us/


When using Digital Photo Gallery the system uses cookies to keep you logged in, ensure your account is secure and store your preferences. To help you understand what each of the cookies does here is a breakdown.

Name Usage
__utmb Google Analytics
__utmb Google Analytics
__utmc Google Analytics
_utmz Google Analytics
wooTracker Woopra
wooMeta Woopra
Random UUID Digital Photo Gallery
remember_user_token Digital Photo Gallery

While Google Analytics and Woopra cookies will be disabled automatically when using Do Not Track, the other two cookies are essential to the running of the system. The remember_user_token cookie is generated if you choose the 'Remember me' option when logging in, while the Random UUID (example 2125af6d137eb2559b5b0e72f31b1ce8) is used as part of the two-factor authentication security feature.

We hope that this information completely explains our use of cookies, if there is anything else you would like to ask just email support@digitalphotogallery.com