Taxes - Creating tax rules

You can add taxes to your shop orders by creating Tax Rules. Tax Rules are made up of Conditions which allow you to apply different tax rates to your customers based on billing or shipping country.

The rules-based system means that you can make multiple tax rules for customers in different areas or at different rates.

Taxes are applied to each order rather than per item.

You can find the tax options by going to Sales from the main menu and clicking on the Taxes tab.

Creating a new tax rule

Click the Create button, give your tax rule a name and click Create to confirm. You can change the name in the future if you need to.

You can now fill out the conditions of this tax rule, such as the shipping or billing country.

Click Create to add conditions. Open the Details panel in the sidebar to select the currency and enter the tax rate.

Repeat this process to create additional rules as necessary.

Condition matching allows you to choose between the all and any setting.

All means that all the conditions must be met for the rule to apply.

Any means the rule will apply if any one of the rules is met.

Check and test

Check over your list of rules to make sure that all necessary orders are covered by the rules.

You can test tax rules at checkout by entering an address in a country covered by the rule.