General - Testing your shop

Before you launch your shop to real customers, you should take some time to check that all information and settings are entered correctly. Below you can find a number areas you should consider testing.


✔️Check the product information for each product. Make sure that you've entered the correct stock levels, statuses, prices and so on.

Shipping and taxes

✔️ Check that any shipping and tax rules are entered correctly and cover all the different visitors your shop may receive. Test rules at checkout by entering customer information matching the rules you have created, such as shipping country or order total amount.


✔️ If you're using discounts, make sure that discounts are enabled in your shop. Check your created discounts are entered accurately, double checking any expiry dates. You can test your discount codes on the checkout page.


✔️ Test how your design looks on both desktop and mobile devices. Check through every page to make sure that everything displays correctly, including images, information and navigation.

Contact form

✔️ Test the contact form is configured to the correct email address by sending a message.

Payment providers

✔️ You can test the order process your customers will experience by using test payment credentials provided by PayPal and Stripe. Placing test orders allows you to see the full checkout, payment and post-checkout pages, as well as to check the order confirmation emails.

Public host

✔️ Make sure that you have a public host added to your site. If you're using your own domain, it's important to ensure that SSL is enabled to make your site fully secure.