Classic Masonry - Gallery pages

There are several different Gallery pages to choose from when it comes to presenting your work. The defining characteristic of this template is the masonry grid index view, which is a multicolumn gallery that scales with the width of the display.

This is an example of the masonry grid in both Sidebar and Top Bar layouts. You can customise the size and appearance of the grid in the Design section of your website.

Like all pages across DPG sites, this page supports images, animated GIFs and inline video.

A site can use multiple different gallery page types, so you can choose the best way to display your content. The main difference between the gallery pages is how visitors navigate through the gallery.

The Gallery With Navigation shows text for navigating between images or back to index.

You can also use icons in addition to or in place of the text.

The Gallery With Hover shows a hover effect on the index page, with thumbnails on the individual image view.

As hover states do not work on mobile devices, by default the Hover gallery shows image information underneath on mobile.

The Gallery With Thumbnails shows small thumbnails underneath the main image in individual image view.

The Gallery With Downloads page allows visitors to download versions of your image.
Don't forget to enable downloads if you've created a Downloads page on your site.

The Gallery With Sales allows you to create a shop on your site.
See Sales for more information.

Sets view

If you have a larger body of work, you can easily organise it into themes or projects by creating sets inside any Gallery page.