Basics - Creating your first website

Choose a template

Visit the websites screen, click on the New site tab and follow these steps:

  1. Choose a template that you would like to use.
  2. Select the intial theme and layout (these can be changed later).
  3. Click Create.
  4. Enter a name for your website, this can be anything you like.
  5. Click OK.

Wait for the site to be created

The new site may take a few minutes to build. Please be patient and stay on the screen while it does.

Once the site has been created you will be taken to the main management screen.

You'll be able to visit the site straight away by clicking on the visit link next to the URL. When you do you'll see an empty site, waiting for you to edit it and add content.

Website sets

When the site was created it also created a folder structure inside sets which you can add images to. One of the ideas behind DPG sites is that they are very easy to update. We think you should be able to spend some time setting up your site and then updating it in the future will be as easy as adding images to sets.

Adding images

You can add images directly to a set.

Using sets with the website

You can also create sets within the website page sets to help you organise your images. This site shows an example of sets in use. Each one of our Templates has several built-in themes and layouts for you to choose from. Using the Design screen you can change the theme and layout to use as-is or to customise further as much as you like.

Getting to the Design section

From the Dashboard got to Websites and select your chosen website. Once you're on the Website management screen click Edit Design.

Selecting a theme

Go to Style > Theme to see the premade themes available for your template. Clicking on a theme will preview it on your website on the left of the screen. Click Save to apply the theme, or Cancel to discard any changes.

Selecting a layout

Some templates also have different layouts to choose from. Clicking on a layout will preview it on your website on the left of the screen. Click Save to apply the layout, or Cancel to discard any changes.

After saving a new theme or layout you can navigate around the site on the left side of the screen to see how it looks across different pages.

Click the Visit button from the design section to open your live testing site in a new window.

Social icons

Our templates allow you to easily link all your online profiles from your site.

Here are some examples of sites with social icons:

Demo Site Demo Site

Adding social icons

In the Content section, enter the full web addresses for each social icon you want to appear on the site. You can also add an email icon.

Ensure that all URLs begin with http:// or https://. Emails should be entered as

Drag the icons into your chosen order.

You can change the appearance of social icons using the Design section.

Making the site live

Before you tell the world about your site you should add a public host.