Dedicated Shop - Sales Page - Index View design

The index page is a customisation of the standard shop page. It allows you to make a varied and engaging layout which is well suited to a landing page.

Watch the videos below to find out how to create and configure it, how to customise the design and - bonus tip! - use images to link to other content.


Setting up the Index view

To follow along with this video, make sure you've created some products first.

In this video:

  • What an index view is and why you might want to use one in your shop.

  • How to turn your standard sales page into an index page or create a new one.

  • How to make sets inside the shop set to populate the index page, then attach products and add images.

  • Using the Selected Item settings in Design to customise each set individually to make a varied and engaging layout.

  • Setting the media focus point to make sure the right part of an image is visible.

  • The different set layouts and how to customise them.

  • Hiding set information and hiding sets in Design.

  • Arranging the order of sets in Design.

  • How the set hierarchy works to create an index page in practice.

Index view theming

In this video:

  • How to change all the colour, typographic and other design elements for each one of the index layout blocks.

  • How Style > Sales options work compared to Page > Selected Item.

  • How to go about customising the theme.

In this video:

  • Why image links are useful and where you might use them.

  • How to use image links to link to a set or URL.