General - Deleting account

Using the delete option will permanently delete your account and all of its data. Alternatively, you can downgrade to a free account instead.

To protect your account against accidental or malicious deletion, you must enter a unique code sent to you by email before your account is permanently deleted.

Requesting deletion code

From your Dashboard, click the Manage button to go to Accounts and log in if prompted.

Click the cog icon next to the account you want to delete, then click the Delete tab.

Click Begin to start the deletion process.

Make sure that the email address you see is a current account that you have access to, as this is where you'll receive your code.

Click the Request Code button. Check your email for your deletion code.

Entering deletion code

Check you email address for an email from Digital Photo Gallery containing your deletion code.

Enter (or copy and paste) the code and click the Delete Account button.

This will flag your account for automatic scheduled deletion and you will see the date that the deletion will take place. You can still change your mind until the scheduled deletion takes place.

The scheduled deletion is permanent. Data cannot be recovered once it's permanently deleted.

Cancelling deletion

If you want to cancel the deletion, you can do so any time before the scheduled deletion date.

Click Cancel Deletion to revert your account to its normal status.