Products - Product images

Product images are added to website sets. This makes it easy to add and remove images, and to use them in multiple places such as portfolio websites and blogs.

You can use well optimised ​short videos instead of or alongside images.

First, create your product in the Sales section.

Inside the main shop set, create a nested set for your product (or a set for each one of your products if you have multiple) and add the product images to it.

You can quickly navigate to the sets that are part of your website from the website screen.

Adding products to sets

To add a products to a set navigate to your chosen set. Open the Sales panel. In the Add to menu choose Set. Select your product name from the Product dropdown. Click Add. The product will now be attached to this set.

Repeat this process for each of your products by adding the product to the corresponding set.

You can attach multiple products to a set if you need to.