Photographers - Image export settings

These are our suggested image export settings for events. Unless otherwise briefed by your event contact, we recommend always uploading in full resolution (you can read about image compression and file size here).

Other settings to take careful note of are Colour Space and Metadata.

Suggested settings
Image format JPEG
Quality (Lightroom) 85
Quality (Photoshop) 9
Colour Space / Colour profile sRGB
Metadata Include all metadata
Image Sizing Full resolution

Exporting from Adobe Lightroom

Here are the suggested settings as seen in the Lightroom export window.

Exporting from Adobe Photoshop

When exporting images from Photoshop, use the File > Save As command. Using Save for Web or Export will strip important metadata.

Make sure Embed colour profile: sRGB is ticked.

Set the quality to 9.