Press Site - Overview

A DPG Press Site is an easy way to create a standalone website for image delivery from an event such as a festival, concert or fashion show. It can display work by a single photographer or team and is ideal for distributing content to press and media.

The "Switchable" page layout allows visitors to switch between tiled masonry view and large image stream, to easily browse through the available content. It works across all devices, allowing them to access and download files on the go.

The site automatically creates image versions (such as those sized for Web and Instagram) for users to download.

Photographer credits are automatically generated from image metadata on upload, so that images can always be credited correctly.

Images can have titles, descriptions and keywords, all of which are searchable.

Pre-configured keyword pages make it easy to organise content - photographers just need to add keywords to their images, no arranging necessary.

It's simple to add new pages and sections using your own keywords.

When the site is secured behind a login, each visitor creates a username and password to access the content. This allows you to track all downloads and see comprehensive statistics.

You can see a live demo of this site here. For your convenience, the demo site is not behind a secure login.