Account - Account storage limit reached

Each DPG account plan comes with a storage allowance. You can see how much storage you're using on your Dashboard:

What's included

✅ Your total storage includes all the images and native video files in your account.

❌ Websites and blogs are not part of the storage allowance and deleting websites will not create more space in your account.

❌ External video is hosted elsewhere and isn't part of your storage allowance.

Creating space

If you want to free up some storage space you need to delete some image or video files.

You can find large images in your account as a starting point for files you may want to delete.

Deleting is permanent and deleted images cannot be restored. Make sure you have a backup before deleting from the system.

You can also go to Images > Properties and view your images by other properties such as Compression Quality and Megapixels.

Getting more storage

If you need more space, you can upgrade your account to a higher tier plan with a larger storage limit.