Troubleshooting - Troubleshooting keywords

Below you can see some examples of common keyword issues. If you need to remove or rename a keywords, see this article.

Not separating keywords with a comma

❌ If keywords aren't separated by a comma, they'll appear as one long keyword and namespaces won't function.

✅ Keywords that are correctly separated by a comma will appear as separate keywords.

Misspelling keywords

❌ Keywords which are spelled wrong look messy and make it difficult for images to be found via search. It's a good idea to provide photographers with a list of keywords so that everyone uses a consistent spelling.

Misspelling or missing namespace

❌ Keywords with an incorrect namespace won't appear on the relevant keyword's website page.

❌ Keyword is missing its namespace, for example artist:.

✅ A keyword page for the artist: namespace shows the correctly keyworded images.

Inconsistent capitalisation

❌ If you are seeing duplicate keywords then the most likely cause is that keywords have been entered using a variety of different cases.

❌ Inconsistent capitalisation can cause duplicates on keyword pages. Choose one case and stick to it.

Unnecessary or duplicate keywords

❌ It's a good idea to brief photographers to stick to the provided list of keywords. Information such as photo credits and copyright information shouldn't be included as keywords.

✅ Photographer credits, Copyright and Usage Rights information is correctly entered as metadata.