Modern Narrative - Page types


Fullscreen Splash - Use for landing pages.


All gallery pages support images, animated gifs and native video.

Photo Story - gallery with image size controlled by star rating. Supports images, animated gifs and native video. See Photo Stories for more information.

Image Stream - simple downward scrolling gallery.

Masonry Gallery - multicolumn gallery which scales with the width of the display.

Switchable Gallery - gallery with switch to toggle between Masonry and Stream layouts.


All of the following image pages are also available With Downloads:

  • Masonry Gallery With Downloads
  • Switchable Gallery With Downloads
  • Image Stream With Downloads
  • Photo Story With Downloads

Sets view - if you have a number of projects to display, you can nest sets within the main gallery set to create a sets view. All Gallery pages offer the sets view.


Text & Image - use the text editor to create information, FAQ or about pages, with or without an image.


Contact - two column layout with text and contact form.


Keywords - gallery created from keyworded images. See Keywords for more information.


Blog - blog page with optional sidebar.


Sets Based - great for homepages and as a starting point for visitors to discover your work.