Sets - Hidden sets and images

Changing set or image visibility allows you to arrange and preview your work on a website without making it publicly visible. Hidden sets and images are only visible on your testing host address, which means that you can get a set ready to go live at a later date without disrupting your visitors' experience on your live site.

Before you begin, make sure your site has a testing host set up.

Changing image visibility

Go to the set containing the image you wish to hide. Use the Hidden toggle in the Visibility panel to make the image hidden.

You can also select and hide multiple images at once on the overview screen.

Hidden images are shown as faded in the admin.

Making images visible at a later date

By default, images made hidden will stay that way until you manually make them visible. You can optionally set a date and time for the image to automatically become visible.

After toggling the Hidden toggle, click on Advanced Options and select and date and time under the Becomes visible dropdown.

Hiding a set

You can set an entire set and all the images within it as hidden.

Open the Set information panel. Under Advanced Options, toggle the Hidden switch to the on position. This will hide all images and the set itself on the public site.

Hide new images

This allows you to make any new images added to a set hidden by default.

Open the Set information panel. Under Advanced Options, toggle the *Hide new images switch to the on position. Any new images added to this set will be hidden by default.

Hidden set comparison

Drag the slider across the screen to compare a view of the live site to the testing site. The hidden People & Portraits set is only visible on the testing site.

left: live site
right: testing site