Legacy: Series 1 & 2 Sales - Adding sales to a website

Websites created before 22nd March 2017 do not have our latest sales features enabled. If you need help applying sales to an older site email support@digitalphotogallery.com.

Getting started

Before you add sales to your website you should have created some products and applied them to the relevant images.

In this article:

Create sales page

This option requires you to be in edit mode Standard, learn more about edit modes here.
Go to your website and the Pages tab. Click Create and give your page a name. In the page drop-down menu, choose a page type With Sales.

Add images to sales set

Add your images to the set which corresponds to your sales page. You can add and apply more products to the images any time.

You can continue with the setup while your images are adding to the set.

Go to Services form your Dashboard. Click on PayPal and enter the PayPal account you have set up to receive funds from your sales.

Enable the cart

Go to your sales page, click the Edit button and select Content. Scroll down until you see Single Image View and Sales options. Choose the PayPal account you linked and Cart from the Type menu. Scroll to the bottom and click Update

Enable cart button

To enable the shopping cart button go to the Design section and navigate to your sales page in the preview window. Choose Layout then Sales in the sidebar. Select Show from the View Cart Button dropdown menu. Click the Save button.

Testing your site

You should now have a working sales page and some products for sale. You may want to try purchasing a low value item yourself to make sure that everything is configured correctly.