Essential Portfolio - Page types

The Essential Portfolio template has a broad range of pages targeted at portfolio sites. Most of the pages are highly configurable, with multiple different layout options and design customisations.

Media page

Gallery page - has a variety of different layouts and styles for each of the views, allowing you to completely change the appearance of the page to suit your content.

It supports sets for organising images and native video.

📎 See Gallery Page for more details.

Splash page

Fullscreen Splash page - animated slideshow most commonly used for homepages.

📎 Read more about configuring the Splash page.

Contact page

Contact page - page with contact form, text, and media components. Multiple images can be used to create a slideshow. Native video can also be used within the media component. Multiple layout options.

Text pages

Text & Media page - page with text and media components with multiple different layouts. Adding several images creates a slideshow and native video is also supported.
Freeform Text page - text-editor controlled page, allowing you to create custom layouts using preset component templates. Can be used for anything from long form text pages, to elaborate pages with varied image and native video sections.
Bold Text page - Super-sized text for bold ideas and modern info pages. The background can have a custom background colour different to the rest of the site, and can also display an image.

The Bold Text page is available for sites built from the 6th of July '21 onwards only.

Q&A page

FAQ page - ideal for Frequently Asked Questions and other Q&A-based content. Answers unfold underneath the questions when clicked.

External video page

Video page - embed external video from services such as Vimeo and YouTube. Multiple layouts and style configurations.

Policies pages

Cookie Policy page - the cookie page automatically populates information on cookies set by DPG which you can add to and customise based on your own obligations and requirements.
Privacy Policy page - insert your own Privacy Policy or other data protection compliance information.